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Interviews for AS/A Level to be conducted on the following days:

Tuesday, 25th August 2015 – For Dubai Gem students

Wednesday, 26th August 2015 – For external applicants only (AS Level)

I am delighted to be able to take on the leadership of Dubai Gem Private School and welcome all parents, students and staff, working together for an exciting new academic year.

My vision for Dubai Gem Private School will be to continue the predominant culture that encourages continuous improvement for teachers and students, with most critically, the culture of recognition and a positive ‘can do’ attitude enhancing the happy, positive environment where staff and students are achieving at their best. The recent results bear testimony to the culture of high expectations and attainment.

It is my belief that in every child there lies untapped potential and as educators, it is our role  to inspire their young minds to achieve the best that they can with the gifts that they have. As Principal, I am primarily concerned in how I can best serve others to draw out the very best in people developing self-confidence within themselves and others around them. Thus above all, my principle driver is to continue to develop the self-esteem of staff and students – with a real belief that in every child and staff member there is a talent.

Dubai Gem Private School improvement will continue to be achieved by the adoption of a culture of continuous improvement at all levels. It is the cumulative impact of many small changes that will continue to raise student achievement even higher. Further developing a student centered learning environment where children are authors of their own learning and become authors of their own futures remains a school priority.

Our success criteria will continue to be based on ensuring that students are enriched with the underlying philosophical aims of respect and tolerance, continuously developing a life long love of learning having a clear sense of self. Indeed, success will also be achieved as students develop global leadership being advocates for the best traditions and culture of the Middle East, and globally having real impact by their leadership actions.  Developing respectful, responsible, tenacious, honest young people with a can do positive attitude is a motivational driver for my leadership at Dubai Gem Private School.

Mr. Tassos Anastasiades,