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Dear Parents,

We have now come to the end of another very successful school year and I write to thank you for your amazing support and encouragement.  I would particularly like to thank all parents who have emailed me during the year, both to ask questions and to make encouraging observations regarding the activities and improvements we have achieved. Senior school parents who attended the Prize Award ceremony will share my delight in seeing 200 students who this year met the ‘Principal’s Challenge’ for grades 7-13 being awarded  their certificates. Click here to view the criteria for this award.

The school continues to develop and change, as all good organizations do and this is due to good team work amongst the stake holders of the school, the students, teachers, parents, owners, managers and administrators.  As I write this letter to you I am looking forward to my summer vacation in the UK but also excited about the next academic year.  In my mind the phrase ‘the best is yet to come’ is stirring.  With your help we will make 2014-2015 Academic year our best ever. On behalf of the school I would like to wish you all ‘Ramadan Kareem’ and ‘Happy Holidays’.

Kind regards,

Keith Sedgwick



OLD UNIFORM RECYCLING PROJECT- Pls refer to the End of Year Newsletter (LABELS)