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Dear Parents and Friends of Dubai Gem Private School,

The academic year is now well underway with students positively engaged in their learning.

I thank all parents for their support and welcome.

We have seen some very well-attended and positive Parents Curriculum Meetings for both

Primary and Secondary.   I am delighted that parents have commented that this has been

a very good start to the year.

Dubai Gem Private School Parents Support Group have met several times already.

I am pleased to see the enthusiasm and commitment of our parents to assist the school. An executive committee

will be appointed shortly in order to improve communication.  Members are very welcome!

It was also good to be able to share with parents the new implementation of GL assessments with the focus on student progress as well as attainment. This will help parents understand more about their child and also help our teachers track student learning on a 6 week cycle. This will also help students become more accountable for their learning.

You will note that all our school policies have now been updated and are posted on the website for your reference.  I have also added an ‘every opinion counts’ opportunity for parents to pass on positive suggestions. Please note this does not replace the regular lines of communication.  

In order to improve communication further, we are implementing an app for your mobile phones called D6. Please download it, it is still in the trial mode and will soon be operational.  Full instructions on how to use it will be sent to you very shortly. You will see on the website the ongoing environmental work being led by our students and International Peace Day, celebrated by a first-class student-led assembly last week.

Student empowerment and accountability remains a key priority in developing our leaders of the future.

At Dubai Gem Private School we would also like to help develop and transform student attitudes and beliefs to those which are in tune with ideals of world citizenship.  Cross cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity are important in developing all our students in preparing them for active and purposeful lives as global citizens.   Global perspective is built on understanding and respecting different world cultures.   This will be a key focus this term.


The pace of our development towards being an ‘outstanding’ school continues to drive our school development.   We have a clear focus on increasing the number of outstanding features as determined by the KHDA.

Focus on Arabic

Arabic as a First and Second Language is a key area highlighted for further development.  You will note the curriculum improvements being made while we empower our learners to become more responsible for the learning of Arabic.  The hands-on involvement of parents on the improvement of Arabic learning will be very welcome – do volunteer your services!

Recycling campaign

Thank you for your continued support towards the ongoing recycling campaigns.  

Healthy eating

By teaching your children healthy habits, and modelling the behaviour yourself, you can help your children maintain a healthy lifestyle and normal growth. Please remember the eating habits your children pick up when they are young will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults. The canteen now offers healthy food options.  Do encourage your child to make healthy choices.

School Activities

The after school activities will start on the 4th of October which will include Table Tennis, Football, Cricket, Basketball , Tennis and Badminton. If you are interested in your child attending the training programs please fill in the form and return it to the concerned teacher.

Dr. Tassos Anastasiades,


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