Will be a UK standardized assessment of skills and application of these learned skills .The assessment will detail where your child is, now and the concepts which have been acquired to date. Children should review the work covered in general including mental maths skills such as tables facts and addition bonds. It is expected that their knowledge of concepts from the previous year is secure.


Will be a UK standardized assessment in Reading Comprehension, spelling and Creative Writing. There is nothing specific to review however additional practice in answering inference questions, searching for information in a text and writing of short stories is always useful.

The Grammar and Punctuation assessment will cover the work taught in your child’s current class this term and any skills previously acquired from last year will be expected.


Science is a UK assessment that will cover the understanding and application of scientific skills and concepts in real life situations. There will be investigations to interpret for example, graphs and magnets. Children will complete an age appropriate assessment.

History /Geography/Social Studies

Are all DGPS set assessments which will cover only the concepts taught in class this term as well as general UAE knowledge/current events such as National Day.

Modern Foreign Languages

Will be informally assessed, during ongoing class lessons between 6th an d 16th December.

Computer Studies and PSHE

Will not be formally assessed at this point.

Arabic and Islamic Studies

Students will be informed by their subject teachers of the content covered for assessment.

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