School Facilities

4 Computer Laboratories; 2 Primary School and 2 Secondary School; are well equipped

1 E-learning centre for use by primary and secondary school students

3 Laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

2 Libraries; 1 for Primary School and 1 for Secondary School; are well resourced for students and teachers

1 Multi-Purpose Halls – used for assemblies, music lessons, indoor sports, examinations

3 Art Rooms; 2 Secondary School and 1 Primary School;

Sports Centre – the school hires the ‘Iranian Club’, adjacent to the school, for the use of its comprehensive facilities including swimming pools, sports oval and courts

Fleet of Mini Buses provide more direct and quicker travel for students to and from school

2 Medical Centres staffed by 2 caring nurses and a doctor

Specialised instructors are assigned to each lab to impart practical training to students.

There are two full-fledged libraries, one in the junior school and one for the senior children. Other than books and magazines, there are several audio-visual materials used by the teachers for the benefit of the students.

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