School Rules and Regulations

  1. Students should be at school every day by 7.45 a.m (Before 7.50 Registration) except for an acceptable reason (sickness, bereavement, important appointments)
  2. Students are to be in their full correct uniform at all times.
  3. Students not using the school transport should be picked up as follows: FS 1, FS2 : 12.30PM Year 1 onwards : 2.15 PM Year 1 (1.30 or 2.15 p.m)
  4. Students are not allowed to wait on the main road.
  5. All items like clothing, books, stationery etc. should be clearly marked with the child’s name and class.
  6. Parents are requested to familiarize themselves with their child’s timetable so that he/she only carries those books which are required for that day.
  7. Homework should be done everyday. Homework assigned to the younger children should be supervised by the parents and signed in the appropriate place in the diary.
  8. Students should bring a healthy lunch to school each day. No sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks are allowed.
  9. Any change in residential address or telephone number should be immediately informed to the school authorities.

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